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Everyone in our hospital, from the doctors to the receptionists, looks forward to seeing every patient that walks through our doors.

Read further to learn more about the people who love your pets!

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Practice Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Ulrich, or the "kitty zen master" as his clients call him, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont in Political Science and Philosophy. He then pursued his passion for animals at The University College, Dublin, Ireland which he graduated from with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. He made his way to Huron Veterinary Hospital in November of 2007 after practicing at several Boston area hospitals.  He shortly became the owner of Huron in March 2008 and has been healing furry friends since then!
Dr. Ulrich takes a special interest in treating grouchy cats and performing surgery. In his free time he is an avid fisherman (just get him talking about reels!), snowboarder, and hiker. He spends his weekends on Cape Cod enjoying nature and the peace and quiet it provides. He lives locally in Cambridge with his wife, son, and their three cats and two dogs. Eddie, Mayble, and Plushie are the feline portion of the familiy, and Fergus, his small, cat-like terrier who visits the clinic very often, and Charlie Bear are the canine portion.

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Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Michael McEwan grew up in northern New Jersey. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University in 2003 and a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from Northeastern University in 2008. Dr. McEwan previously worked as a synthetic organic medicinal chemist for nearly 5 years designing new potential drugs for a variety of therapeutic targets, primarily treatments of cancer. In an effort to work more hands-on with patients, Dr. McEwan decided to leave laboratory work behind and move to a more clinical setting and began working as a veterinary technician here at Huron!

After almost 2 years as our technician, he applied for veterinary school. He received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. His interests include dermatology, preventative care, radiology, and pathology. Dr. McEwan volunteers with 2 local feral cat clinics and at a veterinary clinic in Worcester. He has lived in Massachusetts with his wife, a Boston native, and their two dogs, Inara and Atlas. They have two little girls, daughters Leah and Katie. Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. McEwan enjoys hiking, canoeing, traveling, weight training, and cooking.



Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Sally Evans grew up in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She graduated from Brown University with a dual degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, with a focus in Animal Behavior.  Dr. Evans luckily found her way to Huron Veterinary Hospital before attending veterinary school, and worked as a technician for several years. (She credits all of her cat handling skills to Dr. Ulrich, the cat whisperer!) Dr. Evans graduated from UPenn School of Veterinary Medicine in 2018 and has been practicing in the greater Boston area since then. She is thrilled to be coming home to the team at Huron!

Dr. Evans’s veterinary interests include behavior, dermatology, and internal medicine, with a side of spicy cat and slobbery dog. In her free time she is an avid hiker, skier, sailor, baker, and knitter, and escapes to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and beaches of Cape Cod when she can. She and her husband currently reside in the North End of Boston with their terrier Porky and budgie Ron Swanson.



Relief Veterinarian

When she isn't working at one of the many clinics she does relief for, Dr. O'Donnell loves going on walks and runs along the Charles river in Cambridge. She also frequents Vermont with her husband Andy where they enjoy walking, snowshoeing, and running in the beautiful Vermont nature. Like many vets, she enjoys being around other people who love animals (that's why she loves coming to Huron!).  She's a bird watcher, gardener, rock collector, knitter of occasional sweaters and maker of occasional baby quilts.  She's enjoys riding her horse Brynjar, who came from Iceland, and hasn't fallen off yet (fingers crossed)! One of her favorite things is hanging out with her other furry friend, her dog Jack, who loves sitting on her (or anyone else for that matter..). She also has a new addition to the family: a black cat named Bug. He certainly lives up to his name and has mastered bugging his brother Jack!


Hospital Manager

Jet joined the Huron team in March 2023 after spending the last few years working with Zoological Companion Animals and in Emergency and Critical Care on the South Shore. She is a certified veterinary technician with almost 10 years of experience with everything from primary care to wildlife rehabiliation. In her free time she enjoys hiking, kickboxing and playing with her two cats Maya and Charlie.



Head Surgical Technician

Kelly joined our staff in 2017. She attended Mount Ida College in Newton and is a certified veterinary technician. She has since been in the veterinary field for almost 25 years and has extensive experience, especially in surgery. In her free time she likes relaxing with family & friends, camping, and a good margarita. You'll probably hear her in the back of the hospital telling your pet how wonderful they are.




Liz came to Huron in 2017 as an intern from Roxbury Community College's vet assistant program. Although initially hired for her laundry expertise, she has since become a valuable member of our technician team. Of the many tech skills she has mastered, Liz has a particular fondness for phlebotomy. A former English major and writing tutor, Liz is the go-to should your cat ever need help with his book report.  



Summer joined Huron after graduating from UMass Amherst with a degree in veterinary technology. She currently lives outside of Boston with her cat Hank, her dogs Daisy and Chowder, and a rabbit and duck. Summer is excited to learn more about veterinary medicine and has a special interest in parasitology and surgery. When she's not in the clinic she can be found baking delicious treats!




Nicole was hired in the fall of 2019 as a receptionist, but has since become a valuable member of our technician team! She graduated from Emerson College in 2019 with a film degree. She is the mother to a fluffy long-haired tabby named Henry. Self-proclaimed burger lover, Nicole is currently training for her first half marathon! She also enjoys rock climbing and video games in her free time.  She has instantly become an important part of the team and we're so happy to have her here!




Aria is a California native who moved to Boston for undergrad at BU. She fell in love with the city and decided to stay and complete her masters at Tufts in conservation medicine. She loves working in vet med and has been working in and out of hospitals since age 16. Aria began her first semester as a Tufts vet student in the Fall of '22, though she continues to find time to help care for Huron's furry friends. When she's not at the clinic she enjoys creating fun new vegan recipes, working out, and going to the beach!

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Val was born in St. Petersburg Russia and moved to Boston in 2017. She earned a bachelor's degree in animal science and a certification in horse training from St. Petersburg State Agrarian University. In addition to having six years of experience as a vet tech, Val cares for two cuties at home; an American Eskimo named Mr. Boo and her husband. Her Hobbies include ice skating, horseback riding and photography.

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Nhi joined the team in the fall of 2023 after moving back to Massachusetts from their adventures in California. They graduated from UMass Amherst with a Computer Science degree, but their compassion for animals brought them to the veterinary world! They are an older sister to an older Pomeranian and are looking into adopting a new cat friend. In their free time they love to crochet, play rhythm games, and build keyboards. 




Sophie joined us at Huron Vet in the Summer of 2023 after working at other local clinics in the Greater Boston Area. She has the biggest compassion for animals, and has three pets of her own. Sophie loves working in vet medicine and can't wait to further her knowledge and experience. When not out hiking with her dog Neil you can find her relaxing watching That's 70's Show.

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Polly joined the Huron team in December of 2023. She's the owner of a wonderful cat named Penny. While on her free time, she enjoys art, concerts, exploring the city and traveling!

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